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Youth Service Award

Operation CARE Inc. Youth Service Award recognizes Maryland youth and youth groups, ages 12 to 17 years old, for their significant volunteer contributions and for their efforts to help change their community for the better.


Recipients of the Youth Service Award must have volunteer service hours and shared talent(s) with Operation CARE. However, they may also volunteer with other nonprofit organizations through exceptional acts of kindness that have a meaningful impact on the community.


PLEASE NOTE: Nominees can be nominated by anyone but cannot self-nominate. They cannot be receiving any pay for the volunteer service or similar service at which they are being nominated. Multiple submissions for the same individual by the same nominator will NOT be accepted. No more than three nominations will be accepted from any individual nominator. Previous awardees are ineligible for nomination within a three-year period from awarded date.

Youth Nomination Process

Nominations for consideration must be complete and submitted within the required timeframe. Late or incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. Each nomination must include contact information for the nominee as well as for the nominator. If the nominator is not the parent or legal guardian of the nominee, nominee’s parent and/or legal guardian must be notified prior to submission and their contact information must be provided.


Nominations include a (500 character or less) justification describing what motivates the youth or youth group to volunteer, demonstrated impact of the outstanding community service and the outcome of service, volunteer hours, and number of people served.


PLEASE NOTE: The justification will be the only information used to select the awardee or group for the Youth Service Award.


In addition to the nomination justification review, Operation CARE Inc. maintains the right to use the award justification, photographs, and acceptance at will, in parts or its entirety on social media, the website, in newsletters, in award event materials, advertisements, and/or for other promotion purposes.


Review, Selection, and Notification:

Each nomination received by the required deadline will be reviewed by a panel of Operation CARE volunteers. Nominees will be scored and ranked among his/her peers on eligibility. Following a fact-checking process, the award winner(s) will receive an email and/or a phone call notifying them of their selection. They will also receive an invitation to the Evening of Elegance with an option for additional attendees.


PLEASE NOTE: All selected awardees MUST provide a clear digital photograph for promotional use on social media, the website, in newsletters, in award event materials, advertisements, and/or for other promotion purposes upon notification of award selection but not later than (NLT) April 10, of the current year.

If you would like to nominate someone who has selflessly volunteered their time to the community, please submit a nomination form here.

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