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General Donation

When you give a financial gift to support the outreaches of Operation CARE or you make an in-kind contribution, you are helping to share the love of Christ and we become more impactful at helping the community regain its momentum. 

One -Time Donations

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Feeding the Homeless Community Outreach

Monthly Donations

When you become a part of Operation CARE through monthly donations, your direct gift (you pick the amount and day you wish to give each month) will reach those in need with the love of Christ.


By partnering with Operation CARE through monthly donations, you are aiding us in our ability to continue providing the resources we are freely offering to our community. Bettering our family is our number one goal. We take time and utilize our various resources to ensure the very best services are coming from Operation CARE. Which is why we need YOUR HELP to keep this boat sailing. Partner with us, TODAY and watch what Operation CARE can do!

Sign up for your monthly plan below.  Join Us.  We’ve been waiting for you!

Monthly Donations