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Often times, during the many, many challenges life throws at us, the experiences we have, and difficulties we encounter, we can get thrown off course and require some form of reinstatement. A nonprofit organization has one of the responsibilities of playing the gatekeeper for their community.


Operation CARE uses our community outreach to connect with and fellowship with our family. We want you whole, we need you whole, and our organization can help you get there… With God as the leading light.

Operation CARE provides prayer, guidance, and education to those who seek spiritual, mental, physical, financial, and emotional reconciliation. Guidance and education help tear down invisible walls of resistance as well as the feeling of separation and isolation.

​Restoration is the action of returning something to a former condition. To recognize the need for restoration, we must be honest with ourselves. Restoration is a period of self-reflection, reevaluating current situations, and taking the necessary steps to become whole again. God plays a key role in the restoration process.

​Restoring our minds, bodies, and souls. God is the go-to for the old and new you. Operation CARE is a Maryland nonprofit that believes in changing from within for the greater good. Healing, restoration, and happiness is an inside job.

​Operation CARE helps one understand that to be restored, one must humble themselves before God in prayer and submit to the will of God. Once a person walks in communion with God, they will begin to see things change in their lives because there is no way possible that one may be able to give their heart and mind to God and their way of living not change.  Your mind will be renewed.

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