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Operation CARE provides information that will allow one to make the best possible decisions in critical situations and help's one understand that it is ok to make mistakes. 

​Understanding there are detours, exits, stop lights, stop signs, and yield signs in life but God's Grace allows us to make U-Turns and get back on the Kingdom's path contributes to our empowerment. In Christ, we can always turn around and even start over.

Operation CARE teaches that both successes and failures are to be acknowledged, discussed, and celebrated. By knowing we learn new things as we age and analyzing the things we’ve done in the past, it helps us handle things differently in the future and we achieve different results.

​Although we may not be able to assist with all crisis, the resource information we can provide, with the help of other aid and assistance programs, our assistance can be made grander. 

​Our financial advisers are always willing to provide financial education and counseling. They may be able to assist with helping create a budget to live by that is within each individual means and help improve the quality of the financial decisions made to reach financial goals as efficiently as possible. Partnered financial advisers also may can assist with developing a short-term and/or long-term plan that can help mitigate financial deficiencies.

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