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Helping someone in need, to be of service, oblige, or lend a helping hand. ​At some point, everyone needs the support and encouragement from an entity that impacts communities.


Being a prominent Maryland nonprofit organization, Operation CARE offers facilitating services that extends the helping hands or kind words that are needed. Because of our strong community awareness, we believe in doing all we can to meet and exceed the needs of our family. 

We understand that some days are not as good as others and that they are going to be quite different from what someone else experiences on a day-to-day basis.


No one is alone there. For many, the days fluctuate, and some are truly tougher than others. Operation CARE does all we can to be in position for supporting and helping guide our family through these though times.


Operation CARE understand that a hug, kind word, or gesture is impactful, and we strive to empower, build up, and be the change that others need to see. 

Operation CARE aids by sharing our faith, being a witness, and by being an ambassador for Christ. 


We also assist through providing financial resources guidance, self-enlightenment, coaching, counseling, and encouragement.

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